More than just Acupuncture

When you come to me for acupuncture I aim to add as much value to your journey as I possibly can.


From personal experience I am aware of what an overwhelming experience infertility can be. The feeling of loosing control of the process is something I will never forget, but gaining a small about of that control back through booking acupuncture is what saved my sanity to some extent.


It's from my personal experience, training plus clinical experience that I strive to take a different approach to my clinic. I am always here to talk, feel free to use this as a counselling session, offload, ask me about my fertility (I am an open book) and bounce around any thoughts you may be having around your medical treatment. 

Depending on your circumstances and what point you're at in your journey, you will also receive additional information. This may be how to chart your BBT, lifestyle advice, tests to ask your GP for, or maybe fertility massage instructions. I have also produced a what to expect range of PDF's to support you through fertility treatment, ranging from questions to ask your consultant, what to expect from the drugs, minimizing regret, and more. 

As well as using acupuncture to treat your body and mind my training with Naava Carmen allows me to understand the western medical diagnosis and treatment too, if there is anything surrounding your condition or fertility treatment I think might be helpful I will let you know, just in case no one has previously raised this with you. If there is anything you would like to know please just ask.  It's just a huge and complex field and I do not claim to know everything, but if I don't know, I have amazing mentors and can certainly find out. 

I am here for you it's as simple as that. 

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