If you are considering acupuncture for fertility then you really couldn't be in better hands. I know first hand the highs and lows of fertility treatment so not only do I offer fertility acupuncture, couples acupuncture but I am here to support you through this journey also. 

Here at Verve Acupuncture we know exactly what you're going through because we've been through ivf ourselves. So not only do you have an acupuncturist who is well trained in fertility acupuncture, you have an acupuncturist that can genuinely relate to whatever stage you're at and knows the emotions you are going through. That's why we also offer Fertility support, sometimes to have someone to talk to who has been there and can support you is invaluable. 

Benefits of Fertility Acupuncture - 

  • Weekly acupuncture increases blood supply to uterus & ovaries, also helps to develop healthy follicles & increase chances of implantation.

  • This procedure is the same prior to frozen embryo transfers.

  • Weekly during any phase of the IVF cycle to decrease side effects such as anxiety, bloating, insomnia, fatigue, hot flushes.

  • Acupuncture after egg collection & pre/post transfer.

  • (These protocol points are shown to increase chances of pregnancy by up to 65% – British Medical Journal, 2008)

Couples Fertility Acupuncture 

Couples acupuncture can transform your fertility journey, the joint commitment in being able to tackle this part of the journey together, as well as the physical benefits acupuncture brings means that couples find their relationship is strengthened through their mutual focus on their situation.

Fertility treatment can be an extremely lonely time for both parties involved, the person receiving the treatment can often feel anxious, stressed and they often bear the most strain - physically and emotionally, whilst their partner can feel helpless, neglected and inadequate or like an outsider to the experience. 


The joint experience of acupuncture brings them closer; they feel they are working together as a team in their focus on treatment, resulting in feelings of confidence that their relationship can withstand any future crisis it might encounter. Fertility support sessions are of course open to couples, sometimes talking through your current situation with someone who has been there is all it takes to get you through this difficult time. Our couples acupuncture is an extremely affordable option with the second person being treated for half price. 

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