Verve Seasonal Wellbeing Box

When we are in tune with our bodies and how the seasons affect us, adjusting our lifestyles to coincide with the change in season is instinctual, with the modern way in which we lived this isn't always at the forefront of our mind but here's to change.


Rooted within traditional Chinese medicine our seasonal well-being boxes are tailored to each specific season.  Lovingly curated and locally sourced we use the principals of the season and nature to ensure you receive a luxurious box of goodies to make you feel great.


You'll come for the beautiful items but you'll stay for the advice, also included if you chose to watch/read is lifestyle and nutrition advice to help you be more in tune with your mind, body and nature and in turn feel better.


For example spring is the season for creating, cleansing, activity and movement, growth, renewal and inspiration. Our spring box may include a beautiful inspiration journal, as well as a bespoke scented candle/room spray/body oil for the season designed to boost energy and cleanse. 

Fallen Leaves
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